Korean surgery show gives Thai girl ‘Barbie’ transformation

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The latest transformation of a contestant on “Let Me In Thailand,” the Thai edition of a popular Korean plastic surgery show, has not received the best feedback — the internet has jumped to criticize the “Barbie” transformation given to one woman in the latest season.

The cruel comments and bullying sadly continued for Prapaporn Pramo, a 20-year-old university student from Roi Et, who said she has been mocked for her facial features her whole life.

She said, “I went to a job interview. They told me I looked like a clown. They said my face was square. My nose was flat. My eyes were uneven.”

“When people want to be nice, they’d say I look like a Furby.”

With her 173 centimeter height, Prapaporn dreams of being a flight attendant, and she reportedly told the show producers that she’d like to look like Barbie, which is her favorite character.

To achieve the “Barbie” look, Prapaporn was flown to South Korea to undergo a series of surgeries. The doctors gave her forehead, nose, and eyelid surgeries, a cheekbone and jaw restructure, and a skin whitening treatment.

The feedback from viewers, however, was negative towards her new look, with many people describing her enhanced new visage as “weird.” To be fair, doling out quick and harsh judgement is probably what fans of these shows like best.

“Barbie doesn’t look like this. I feel sorry for her,” said one of the nicer comments.

Some people say she actually looks adorable, it’s just the haircut and outfit that need to go.

“Even a superstar can’t possibly pull off this outfit and wig,” another comment said.

Prapaporn, however, is grateful for the transformation. She thanked the show for giving her a “new life.”

“Now I want to pursue my dream of becoming an air hostess. Then I’d like to be a model if I had the chance,” she said.




Insanely Big-Eyed Surgery Addict Won’t Stop Chasing Dream of Barbie Look

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Despite the famous toys now being available in different heights and featuring a variety of ethnic looks, a wannabe Barbie of Asian origin has spent $35,000 and plans further transformations to get the iconic mainstream appearance.

A self-proclaimed real-life Barbie and model, Ophelia Vanity, has posted to her Instagram followers about her surgeries, which as she hopes, will eventually bring her closer the her plastic ideal for several years. For the latest change – bigger eyes — the 30 year-old, half-Chinese woman from California has spent $4,000, athe Sun reports.

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She told the media that she wasn’t trying to be racist, but admitted she’d always been drawn to a more iconic Barbie appearance and would like to look more European, although there are dolls and Barbies of every height, skin color and ethnicity.
Her monthly cosmetic routine includes Botox and lip injections as well as bleaching her hair.

She says she wanted to have rhinoplasty, skin bleaching, have four to six ribs removed for a slimmer waistline, get breast and butt implants as well as implants which permanently change the color of her eyes after the recent lid-moving surgery.

She meditated on the result: “The surgery has definitely made me more confident in my appearance and I’m really happy with it.”She relays that her ‘need’ for blepharoplasty dates back to 6 years ago.

She complained that a lot of people had teased her about her eyes. She told the journalists about her hope that the surgery would give her more confidence, as she has struggled with self-esteem issues as well as body dysmorphia disorder. She admitted she had anorexia back in high school, although she denies having it now.

Her boyfriend Justin Sterling, cited by the outlet, expressed his understanding and said the girl is addicted to surgery because “she doesn’t feel unique.” He claimed, “I don’t feel that way about her. She is definitely unique. But I could see how maybe surgery gets addictive.”

The Line Barbie Nose Rhinoplasty

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The LINE BARBIE-NOSE RHINOPLASTY Surgery by Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon that make flat nose prominent with inner incision of the nose. Up the bridge of nose with artificial prosthesis or by autoplasty. Lively facial out line overall.


The nasal point of BARBIE-NOSE RHINOPLASTY is the most distinguishing point compared to other rhinoplasty. It connects from nasal bridge to nasal tip naturally and femininely making the BARBIE-NOSE.


The bridge of the nose positioned at the middle of the forehead is the center of the whole face and essential point which decides impression influencing whole facial features.The BARBIE-NOSE RHINO-PLASTY of THE LINE PLASTIC SURGERY makes it prominent and natural with fine design harmonizing with each other facial feature.

What is the characteristic of Barbie line rhinoplasty Nose Surgery?

  • Implant directed in the nasal dorsum and the nasal pointer.
  • Goretex and silicone are used for the dorsum.
  • Tip of the nose has made utilised of a considerably more characteristic cartilage. It could begin with the ears cartilage material or the nasal septum cartilage material.
  • A regular looking nose yet is better and more adequate and flawless.
  • A similarity of Barbie’s nose, adorable and not disarranged.
  • Specialized implants which are done to suit your nose requests. It fits the nose structures and exploits 3d cosmetic surgery.

Recovery of Barbie nose surgery Korea?

After the surgical procedure, support will be fitted to your nose. To reduce swelling, two days after surgery utilise ice sacks, and inside five to six days, your surgeons will remove nasal supports and stitches upon examination.

Swelling, bruising, and slight blood misfortune is ordinary amid the underlying week. Best rhinoplasty surgeon encourages his patients to rest in a hoisted position with their head higher than their heart, as this limits the swelling altogether. The measure of bruising experienced relies upon the surgical technique utilised and the patient. Best rhinoplasty surgeon regularly wants to utilise the shut strategy for surgery, where the incision is made under the nose. This empowers him to accomplish more satisfactory outcomes and incredibly reduces the measure of swelling his patients may understand. On the off chance that nasal bones should be softened up request to accomplish the coveted outcome, there will be all the more bruising. Many factors decide the measure of swelling and bruising, for example, blood issue, age, skin thickness, drugs that thin the blood, and fundamental general health.


With the utilisation of pain pharmaceutical, a man ought to have the capacity to rest and eat typically after the principal day. Ice packs connected to the cheeks in the initial 48 hours help reduces swelling. Rhinoplasty patients encounter solidness in their upper lip and may think that it’s hard to laugh on an initial couple of weeks.


Barbie nose rhinoplasty  benefits

Rhinoplasty is a standout amongst the most prevalent facial plastic surgery procedures accessible. The treatment can enhance both cosmetic and functional issues you might be having with your nose, tending to breathing issues or potentially nasal shape, size, and symmetry. Similarly, as with any surgical procedure, there are dangers and advantages to rhinoplasty. Best rhinoplasty surgeon needs to ensure you have altogether educated about all parts of rhinoplasty treatment is the best choice for your necessities.

Rhinoplasty cannot just upgrade the look and function of the nose; it can likewise enhance certainty and kill a very long time of reluctance caused by your nasal appearance. Rhinoplasty can:


  • Increase or abatement the size of the nose
  • Give the nostrils another shape
  • Reduce the nasal tip
  • Reduce the bridge
  • Enhance the balance and congruity between other facial highlights
  • Have a constructive outcome on your general facial stylish
  • Correct issues related with a deviated septum
  • Improve breathing

Would You Get Labiaplasty to Look Like Barbie?

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Plastic surgeons have seen a huge influx of patients hoping to get plastic surgery because they want to look good on social media, have arms like Michelle Obama, or even make their exes jealous. Now there’s another procedure increasing in popularity: labiaplasty.

Also known as labia reduction or vaginal rejuvenation, the procedure itself isn’t new, but since 2011 increasing numbers of women in the U.K. and U.S. have elected to go under the knife in an attempt to boost their self-esteem and self-confidence (though some women do undergo the procedure to correct medical conditions such as intersex, vaginal atresia, or other similar conditions).

One procedure women keep requesting is the “Barbie,” which can be performed two ways. One involves cutting a “wedge”-shaped piece of tissue from the central section of each inner lip and then stitching the two lips together for smaller inner labia. The second technique is trimming or amputating the entire labia minora. The end result is a smooth, unlined “clamshell”-type genital area in which the outer labia appear sealed together with no labia minora protuding.

The “Barbie” is becoming so popular that in January Guernica’s Kirsten O’Regan went undercover as a woman seeking labiaplasty to investigate the world of this surgery. She visited several plastic surgeons, including Red Alinson, M.D., the urogynecologist in L.A. who invented the “Barbie” in 2005.

“I had been doing more conservative labiaplasties before then,” he told O’Regan. “But I kept getting patients who wanted almost all of it off. They would come in and say, I want a ‘Barbie.’ So I developed a procedure that would give them this comfortable, athletic, petite look, safely.”

Some experts have expressed concern about the increasing demand for labiaplasty, suggesting that many women are pursuing “designer vaginas” in response to the increased exposure to Internet porn. Others worry that there’s too little oversight when it comes to vaginal cosmetic surgery. In 2007, the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) officially opined that vaginal rejuvenation needs further scientific study to determine efficacy and that none of the cosmetic vaginal surgeries are considered “accepted, routine procedures” by the ACOG.

Moreover, the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology doesn’t recognize cosmetic gynecology as a valid sub-specialty, so there’s no certification or accreditation process for it, meaning that surgeons don’t need to undergo any additional or special training in order to perform the surgery.

In her piece, O’Regan talked to Gary Alter, M.D., a urologist and plastic surgeon who practices in both Beverly Hills and Manhattan, who told her that 20 percent of his labiaplasties are to rectify mistakes.

“I’m not mentioning names,” he told O’Regan. “Some of the famous gynecologists—I’ve done a lot of revisions on their surgery.” Dr. Alter also says that many women are given the “Barbie” without their consent.

Dr. Alinson echoed his sentiments.

“The Barbie’s a great procedure if that’s what the patient wants,” he told O’Regan. “The problem with this surgery, frankly, is that it looks easy, but there’s a lot of finesse involved. If you don’t know those nuances, you’re going to have dog-ears, or complete removal of the labia when that’s not what’s requested. That’s when the lawsuits occur.”

Would you or have you ever considered labiaplasty? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us

Welcome to the Dollhouse: A Conversation with Human Barbie, Nannette Hammond

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In pursuit of my Human Ken interview, I started reaching out to Human Barbie candidates. This proved to be trickier than expected. With most of them located in Russia, there was a slight language barrier, though I did have a breakthrough with one—but more on that next week. To complicate things even worse, many of the Human Barbies wanted compensation for an interview, which I politely explained wasn’t our jam, or they were picky about what we could talk about. “Which questions will be asked during the interview?” one potential candidate asked me. Well, isn’t that what the interview is for in the first place?

With her warm personality, Nannette Hammond, proved to be the saving grace of the category. I emailed her to set up an interview, and not long after I sent out my request, she did me one better—she called me back. After being ghosted a handful of times before this point, it was a very welcome surprise. Hammond’s story is definitely an interesting one. She lives in Cincinnati and is a mother of five. Not long after allowing her daughter to get an Instagram account, Nannette got her own, and her “Human Barbie” image was born. Her fanbase grew particularly big in the U.K., so much so that the Daily Mail flew out to Ohio to photograph Hammond in her real-world Barbie Dream House, complete with a dressing room and pink convertible. Talk about living your best life. Still, she remains pretty grounded, which was evident in her humorous, candid tone as we joked about Cincinnati chili—they do this thing in Cincinnati where they put chili on spaghetti, and it pretty much sounds like the stuff dreams are made of. She may not be a real Barbie, but with her whole “you do you ” attitude, she’s probably the realest. Scroll down to read our Q&A in full below.

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Can you tell me about your childhood? What was it like growing up?

I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio and basically lived here my whole life. I was blessed with two amazing grandparents that basically raised me and I lived a pretty blessed upbringing. I liked Cincinnati and we have a lot of friends and family here, and that was pretty much it.

What are your reactions to being called a Living Barbie? Was that something you were going for, or did it just kind of happen?

I guess how it all became what it is today was with my daughter. I told her that she could have one social media account, so she picked Instagram. I got on that as well—I had never even done Facebook before, but I did that, and before you know it, the UK was very interested in my lifestyle and me. The Daily Mailcame to my home for two days and they took pictures and videos of me and the kids, then it went viral. I wasn’t planning on any of this by any means, but it is what it is, and I feel like on my Instagram, I always say positive things. You know, to love yourself, love your body, and just be yourself.

When I was little, I did play with Barbies a lot. I just thought Barbie was beautiful and I changed my hair color to platinum blonde about 12 to 15 years ago. I liked the blonde, and with my plastic surgeries and stuff like that—I started plastic surgery in my 20s. I had a breast augmentation, and it all kind of went from there. I never wanted to look like Barbie or anything like that, I just sort of enhanced what I had, and had fillers, Botox, hair extensions, eyebrows and all of that.

I just started changing different things here and there starting in my 20s because I was a nurse for a plastic surgeon. I got a lot of perks from that, and when you’re working in that field and you see the pre-op and post-op results, it’s really amazing the changes that can occur with your face, breasts, or anything else. I’m all for that. I’m all for anything that makes you happy and every person is their own. If you don’t like it, then move on. I can’t stand people who are negative, and I live a blessed life, and it’s mine, so that’s that.

That was actually one of my next questions—how do you deal with or respond to people who are negative toward you?

I never, ever respond to anything negative on my posts. I just won’t do that, but it’s funny, because my followers who are friends of mine will come at them and sort of take care of that for me. I’ll be honest with you – it doesn’t faze me at all. It really doesn’t. I could care less. You could say anything to my face and it doesn’t faze me. I try to always be the bigger person, and I teach my kids that as well. One thing I’m grateful for is that they go to a private school, and each kid probably has only 25 people in their class, and never once have they ever been bullied about what I’m doing. I tell them, if they ever see a post that has something negative, we overlook that and we’re better than that. People are just mean, and if they say something bad about me, then they’re just miserable in their own lives. My kids get that.

It’s a good lesson because I feel like especially now, kids are super-immersed in social media.

Absolutely. They’re very supportive and I’m very lucky. I have to tell you, my kids are great and they are my world. I live in a huge house—we have 10 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms, but I clean the whole thing myself. I don’t have maids. I don’t have a nanny, I don’t have any of that. I enjoy waking up in the morning with my children, making them breakfast, driving them to school, picking them up, doing homework, then cooking dinner. It’s very orderly in my house. I don’t even have laundry baskets in my house, because we get same-day service. We have 3 washing machines, and I’m constantly on the go, but it all works.



Real-Life Human Barbie Dolls Of The World

A recent trend has taken over the world by storm, where young men and women are dedicating their lives to transforming themselves into living dolls. Some have even pledged allegiance to the doll life,

A recent trend has taken over the world by storm, where young men and women are dedicating their lives to transforming themselves into living dolls. Some have even pledged allegiance to the doll life, making it their sole purpose of living. Leading names include; Valeria Lukyanova, Rodrigo Alves, Maria Durbani and Angelica Kenova among others.

These daring individuals enjoy a huge following with their uniquely strange yet captivating features. Drastic measures have been taken to attain and keep their looks including plastic surgery and hypnotherapy sessions, with the individuals in question spending tons of cash on ‘Barbification’ procedures.

While some may argue their features are a bit extreme, enough to catch the eyes but not so to solicit an attraction, thousands are taking their advice by heart, promising increased numbers of human dolls in the near future.

Here is a quick preview of fifteen daring individuals that have shot to fame by transforming themselves into living Barbie and Ken dolls.


Valeria Valeryevna Lukyanova



Born in Moldova, Valeria Lukyanova is a Ukrainian model better known as human Barbie. The 29-year old had once dressed in gothic clothing, which is big contrast to her current look. Her popularity has been dropping after some of her interviews sparked racist claims.

Apart from her Barbie features, i.e. large blue eyes, an extremely tiny waist and long legs. Valeria even undergoes hydrotherapy and is allegedly 60% Barbie. Valeria is currently working on a food free diet where she will only be relying on solar energy for survival. She claims to have not had any cosmetic procedures which has sparked quite the controversy as her fans notice a big difference from her younger pictures to her look now.

Angelica Kenova



This 26-year-old from Moscow has become the new Barbie sensation. From as early as six years old, her parents forced her to look and live like a Mattel doll; she even had a personal trainer at sixteen. She weighs 89 pounds, has a 20-inch waist, size 32E bra and long legs. She still lives with her parents and has her life carefully choreographed including the clothes she wears, a fact she seems the least bit disturbed about.


Lolita Richi



New teen Barbie Lolita Richie has grown famous on VK, a Russian social media platform for her 20-inch waist and 32F bra size despite her age. She claims to be the ultimate human Barbie and that her features are purely genetic with no surgeries or Photoshop involved. She enjoys admiration for her features from women and men alike, especially on Russian social media. Once a Goth growing up too, Lolita enjoys full support from her 33-year-old mother who is also her photographer. She was born in Kiev, Ukraine and looks forward to being a psychologist after graduating.

 Justin Jedlica



Justin Jedlica or the ‘Human Ken Doll’ is a Slovak-American who has had 190 cosmetic procedures and counting. The 34-year-old model has undergone a cranial brow lift, abdominal and calf implants, 5 rhinoplasties, sub-pectoral and thigh implants, lip augmentations among others. He even risked blindness by having an operation done on his forehead to remove his Julia Roberts veins. He currently offers advice on surgical transformations to those seeking a similar path to his. Bent on perfection, Justin Jedlica, promises more transformations in future.


Alina Kovalevskaya


durtbani, Alina Kovalevskaya

Born in Odessa, Ukraine, she is a college student studying psychology. Alina Kovalevskaya possesses striking features among them long slender legs, porcelain skin, long hair with which she has been spotted adorning different colors among them a blonde shade, and large doll eyes. She also avoids direct exposure to the sun so as to maintain her porcelain skin. She too has had no surgeries so far and only wears special contact lenses to emphasize her look.

Anastasiya Shpagina



Ukrainian teenager Anastasiya Shpagina has grown popular for her anime features, including large eyes, maroon dyed hair, a tiny waist and small pout. She goes by a Japanese name, Fukkacumi on social media.

Anastasiya, who is quite close to Valeria Lukyanova as seen on her VK page uploads, claims she has not had any surgeries yet, but credits her look to long hours of makeup and a special diet consisting of honeydew.

She however, wants to have work done on her eyes to make them look bigger and a waist reduction procedure.

 Venus Palermo


maria durbani, venus palermo

Also known as living doll, Venus Isabelle Palermo is yet another Youtube fashion and beauty sensation. She dedicates most of her time offering tutorials on how to attain that perfect doll look. This young celebrity is indeed a living doll, with perfect large eyes, a delicate nose, a tiny centered mouth and pale skin. Owing to her unique features, humble nature, and fashion sense, she has been attracting a large fan base. Some of her advice includes use of plastic sheen powder, white eye shadow and circle lenses.

Dakota Rose


Dakota Rose, cartton, cosplay, durbani,

Dakota Ostrenga, born on September 19th, 1995, is a Youtube human doll sensation. Also known as Kota Koti, she offers tutorials on beauty and fashion to her fans. Her sense of style that mimics a Japanese anime character has seen millions of young women worldwide view her as their fashion icon.

She dismisses all claims of surgery adding she only uses makeup tricks such as circle lenses and tinted moisturizer to get her doll look. In a recent series on Youtube videos however, titled, ‘The real Kota Koti’ brought outrage among some of her fans after claims of her being a “fake” and using Photoshop to alter her looks.


Heidi Montag




Heidi got her popularity from MTV show The Hills. She is also a fashion designer and singer. Born on September 15, 1986, Heidi has perhaps stunned many with the fact that at 23, she had 10 plastic surgeries in a single day.

She was featured on The View where she opened up about the challenges she faced as a result of her surgeries. Having been convinced by a plastic surgery specialist, Dr. Frank Ryan, Heidi agreed to do a body transformation after feeling insecure.

Famous for her bikini body, Heidi has breast augmentation, liposuction, a brow lift, ear pinning and a nose job on her list of surgeries. However, she recently reduced her breasts from a size F-cup to a C-cup after facing health complications including neck and back pain.

Rodrigo Alves




Air steward Alves is known to have spent well past $250, 000 on plastic surgeries, among them four nose jobs, jaw reconstructions, eyelifts, leg and back liposuction, cutting his mouth to widen his smile and a Follicular Unit Transplantation to help take care of his hair loss as a result of aging. He once risked paralysis after a procedural mishap that resulted in gel leakage inside his body.

The 31-year-old Brazilian born who had been branded ‘New human ken doll’ is an image consultant for men, an occupation he describes as giving back to society. He was diagnosed with Body Dysmorphia, a condition that is associated with physical trait dissatisfaction.

Air steward Alves is known to have spent well past $250, 000 on plastic surgeries, among them four nose jobs, jaw reconstructions, eyelifts, leg and back liposuction, cutting his mouth to widen his smile and a Follicular Unit Transplantation to help take care of his hair loss as a result of aging. He once risked paralysis after a procedural mishap that resulted in gel leakage inside his body.

The 31-year-old Brazilian born who had been branded ‘New human ken doll’ is an image consultant for men, an occupation he describes as giving back to society. He was diagnosed with Body Dysmorphia, a condition that is associated with physical trait dissatisfaction.

Sarah Burge


sara burge, durbani, barbie,

This former playboy model has had more than 300 cosmetic procedures at over 3 million dollars. The 55-year-old British mother of three caught the public’s attention after she gave her daughter Poppy, breast surgery vouchers to be redeemed upon her turning 18, when she was only seven years old. In addition, she gave her 15-year-old daughter Hannah Botox injections claiming they were given on medical grounds.

She was featured on a popular reality series Botched where she requested the doctors for anti-aging procedures for her hands and a facelift, a request that was later denied. Sarah Burge’s surgery addiction stemmed from an earlier abusive relationship where she had been brutally attacked by her boyfriend, eventually disfiguring her face.

 Jenni Lee


maria durbani, jenni lee, huamn barbie,

Jenny Lee came into the spotlight after being featured in Oprah Winfrey’s show back in 2004. At 28 years of age, she had undergone 26 procedures among them liposuction and lip implants because of her plastic surgery addiction. Oprah had then likened her to a ‘Barbie doll’. Years later after being sought by Oprah: Where are they now? from her popular talk show, Jenny Lee had gone under the knife 33 more times before turning 30.

Jenny lee was later diagnosed with a chronic pain syndrome, Fibromyalgia, which resulted in a weight gain battle, one that she claims drastically shot down her self-esteem.

Maria Durbani


maria durbani, TinkerBell, cartoon,

26 year old Maria Durbani from Vigo is an artist, singer, business woman, make-up artist and nail technician, evident from her conspicuous nail art, whose fashion sense is inspired by popular doll sensation Barbie, fairies, Disney princesses, unicorns and anime cartoon characters.

Once a gothic child, Durbani is now fully obsessed with the doll lifestyle that she cannot be seen without it. She takes up to four hours daily in makeup routines, an exercise she says doesn’t tire her. Among her beauty secrets are at least 14 layers of fake eyelashes and circle lenses that make her eyes appear larger. She went ahead and shaved her eyebrows, drawing them a bit higher so as to accommodate her doll eyes.


Celso Santebanes



Sadly, Santebanes succumbed to bacterial pneumonia at the age of twenty at the Federal University of Uberlandia Clinical Hospital. He had been battling with leukemia for five months, a diagnosis he came to know of while on a hospital visit to treat a leg infection from a Hydrogel filling procedure.

It is alleged that he spent close to 50, 000 dollars on plastic surgery. Shortly before his death, he had released his own line of dolls that resembled him. Celso underwent procedures to alter his face, nose and lips including having Silicon chest implants. He had dedicated his last few months to his health after publicly revealing that he no longer was concerned with aesthetic issues.

Blondie Bennett


Blondie-Bennett, durbani,

Goodbye plastic surgeries, hello hypnotherapy! Blondie Bennett, the 38-year-old has dedicated her life to transforming her body into an actual doll. She went ahead and took a step higher by attending weekly hypnotherapy sessions that claims to plunge her into a deep relaxed state, unlocking her unconscious mind. She does this to lower her IQ, in a bid to perfect her transformation. She started her obsession at eighteen after being employed in a toy store to act as a Barbie lookalike salesperson.

Unemployed, Blondie Bennett gets her funding online through her fan page where she appeals for donations towards her transformative cause. Blondie has also had her fair share of surgeries, among them five breast augmentations and regular Juvederm and Botox face filling.

Transgender ‘Barbie’ blows $1M on plastic surgery

A million dollar makeover turned an outcast into a showstopping Barbie doll.


maria durbani, trans-barbie-embed

Nikki Exotika, a 35-year-old transgender woman from Hoboken, New Jersey, has wanted to look like her buxom icon since she was 4.

Exotika, whose given name is Jason Torres, was obsessed with playing with dolls as a child and felt like a girl trapped in a boy’s body for as long as she can remember.

“I would always sit down when I went to the bathroom, I never stood up, it felt like I was born with the wrong genitals even at that age,” Exotika told Caters.

“I was confused and ashamed. I didn’t know what was wrong with me. Back then I had no knowledge of being trans and it was a secret I kept from everyone,” she added.

Exotika was bullied in school but didn’t let the name calling or regular beatdowns get in the way of her dream of becoming a real-life Barbie.

After school, Exotika would put on makeup, wear short-shorts and hit up drag bars where she met other transgender people for the first time.

She began taking illegal hormones and underwent sex reassignment surgery when she was 19.

“All I wanted was to be able to look in the mirror and escape the pain I had as a child and look like a totally different person,” she told Caters of her decision to have surgery.

Her obsession with perfection drove her to have six nose jobs, multiple eye surgeries, hairline surgeries, breast implants, calf implants, botox and several other expensive procedures.

Exotika has spent more than $1 million on her makeover and doesn’t regret forking over a single penny on the “gallons of silicone” in her body.

“It’s all paid off, because while traveling the world everywhere I go people look at me and say ‘Wow, look at her body, she looks like Barbie’ and always want to take pictures with me,” she said.

nikki-embed, maria durbani,“When I walk down the street with my hair in a long ponytail, hot pink lipstick, shades, jeans and a crop-top, girls say ‘Oh my god, you look just like Barbie’ — that’s how I know I’m accomplishing my dream,” she added.

Exotika, who previously pinkstarted America’s first transgender pop group “Secret Girls,” said her next goal is to afford a pink BMW convertible and find a dream man to go with it.

“I’m still optimistic on the relationship front — hopefully, one day I’ll find my Ken. I’m looking for a tall, super hot, straight muscular man. I love tattoos and pretty boys that look like Ken Doll,” she said.

Exotika has stardom as well as love on her mind, and her extreme makeover has landed her a role on the small screen.

Exotika joins others like her on an upcoming reality TV show called “Plastics of Hollywood,” a real-life dollhouse showcasing people who have collectively spent over $4 million changing their appearances.

“When I saw Nikki’s transformation, I realized she had been through more plastic surgery than probably anyone else,” said Marcela Iglesias, manager of “Plastics of Hollywood.”

“A lot of people I know who were bullied at school take antidepressant medication, but Nikki instead continued to follow her dream and become who she wanted, ” she added.

The cast of 12 human dolls also includes Rodrigo Alves, Kim Kardashian doppelganger Jennifer Pamplona, Alien doll Vinny Ohh and Britney wannabe Bryan Ray.